SOLVE2021 Conference: Empowering Youth for the Promotion of Peace and Preventing Conflicts

On September 20th and 21st, iSCAN, together with their partners, is organising the SOLVE Conference 2021. The Conference is completely virtual and will be held in English with French and Spanish interpretations.

Why this Conference? Some Background Information:

According to the United Nations, conflict and violence have transformed significantly in nature since 1945. Current conflicts are less deadly and mostly between groups in a given country rather than between states. Other forms of conflicts such as homicides are becoming more frequent in some parts of the world, while gender-based violence is increasing globally. The effects of conflicts have a long-term impact on development and societal wellbeing and affect the most vulnerable especially women and children.

What will the Conference be about?

In recognition and celebration of the positive impact various stakeholders are making in response to conflicts in the world, the SOLVE Conference 2021 will serve as a forum to celebrate and showcase extraordinary impact on global peace and security and craft recommendations for further actions.

As part of the response to conflicts and other global challenges, the United Nations dedicated 2020-2030 to a decade of action to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SGD 16 is the main goal for achieving international peace and security and is at the core of the work of iSCAN – International Security and Conflict Analysis Network.

Organized in the context of supporting the United Nations’ Decade of Action and featuring stakeholders from all sectors who are working to make an impact in their communities and around the world on peace and security, iSCAN’s SOLVERs (high impact young change-makers) and SOLVE enablers (individuals and organizations supporting SOLVERs) will be at the centre of the SOLVE Conference.

How can you contribute?

iSCAN is inviting organizations that are implementing high-impact projects to participate in the Conference and showcase their work to the world by participating in SOLVE2021 or leading a workshop.

Individuals with skills in workshop moderation, translation, interpretation, technical moderation, drafting, and reporting can express their interest in volunteering to support the Conference with their skills.


Find more information on the SOLVE2021 website. Here you will find the full programme and volunteering positions you can apply for!

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