DRC office meets Governor of the City of Kinshasa

The WFAD office in the Democratic Republic of congo has met with the Governor of the City of Kinshasa, Mr Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka.

They had a positive meeting and the Governor promised his full support to the project.

The office had the opportunity to introduce WFAD and all partners LPI, SYFES, INTERACTIONS & DASOD.

During this meeting, they also presented our ‘Sober Youth- Healthier communities’ project and he expressed his satisfaction while thanking the office’s consortium for this substantial contribution to tackle this violence issue caused by ‘kulunas’ affecting the whole city of Kinshasa. Then, he expressed his will to see this project be extended to other municipalities additionally to those of Kinshasa and Selembao.

The Governor wanted to know if funds were already available to ensure that the project will indeed be carried out since organizations have come to present projects but have never come back to implement as promised. The office has assured him of this by confirming the availability of funds.

While concluding the meeting, the office informed him about the forthcoming official launch of the project with the Embassy and the municipalities benefiting from the project. He promised his support and availability.

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