Launch of the Way Forward – Developing Gender-Sensitive Addiction Programmes

We have been long committed to work towards eliminating the barriers that women face for accessing and adhering to addiction treatment. With that goal in mind, together with Dianova, we prepared the infographic on the “Way Forward- developing gender-sensitive addiction treatment programs to eradicate barriers for women” to present those barriers as well as possible ways to overcome them. The infographic is also available in French, Spanish, Serbian, Bosnian, Catalan, and Basque.
With the “Way Forward”, we would like to raise awareness on the problem while challenging professional teams to take an active role in reducing gender barriers, either by rethinking the designs of existing programs, improving training plans, reviewing their stereotypes at work, or/and enhancing their networking. As you will see, the proposals to overcome the barriers have more to do with a change of approach, rather than with the investment of large budgets. Everyone can therefore contribute to it! More information on the infographic here
SAVE THE DATE: 16 JUNE 2021, 13:30-15:30 CEST
The infographic was initially presented at the 64th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND64). Given the high interest at the CND64 side event, a follow-up webinar, Developing Gender-Sensitive Addiction Programmes, will be organised on June 16th between 13.30-15.30 CEST (time zone converter)! Please save the date and register here! More detailed information on the webinar will be sent out soon.

CALL TO ACTION – Help to Disseminate the Infographic

We encourage you to:

  1. Distribute the infographic among your teams and include it in your trainings and strategic meetings
  2. Disseminate the infographic among your partners and the authorities you work with. We have included some suggestions in text for your consideration to be used for distribution

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We would like to share with you an interesting and clear infographic on the “Way Forward- Developing Gender-Sensitive Treatment Programmes to Eradicate Barriers for Women” prepared by World Federation Against Drugs and Dianova. The infographic presents the most common obstacles for women for entering and remaining in addiction treatment programs and possible ways to overcome those barriers.

You can download the infographic in Spanish, French, Serbian, Bosnian, Catalan, and Basque.

We hope that the “Way Forward” becomes a useful tool and leads to reflection. Only together we can promote women’s access and adherence to addiction treatments.

As a follow-up activity, WFAD and Dianova are organising a webinar on “Developing Gender-Sensitive Addiction Programmes” on the 16th of June from 13:30 pm to 15:30 pm CEST via Zoom, so please save the date and register here!

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There is a Way forward for developing #GenderSensitiveAddictionTreatment programs for #women. Check it out here  @WFAD_info @Dianova_org #Agenda2030 #SDG5 #SDG3 #ActiontoChange

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The Way Forward, presented by @WFAD_info and @Dianova_org, raises awareness on the need to eradicate barriers for #women and develop gender-sensitive treatment programmes #GenderSensitiveAddictionTreatment #ActiontoChange #Agenda2030  #SDG5 #SDG3 Download infographic

@WFAD_info and @Dianova_org present the Way Forward infographic with guidelines. Only together, we can work towards further development of #GenderSensitiveAddictionTreatment programmes for #women and eradicate barriers! #ActiontoChange #Agenda2030  #SDG5 #SDG3 Download infographic

If you would like to have an infographic in another language, please send us this text translated and we will arrange the edit of the infographic.

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