Summary Prevention webinar Series I – Foundation of Prevention through Prevention Science

Together with Carlton Hall Consulting LLC, WFAD organises the 5-fold Prevention Webinar Series from September till November 2021. Every other week, an aspect of Prevention will be highlighted and discussed by experienced keynote speakers and panellists in the field.

The Webinar Series on Prevention got kicked off on September 7th by an elaborative and significant webinar on the Foundation of Prevention through Prevention Science. Here, we were honoured to have Dr Zili Sloboda as our keynote speaker and have Matej Košir, Chantelle Pepper, and Carlton Hall as our panellists. Dr Zili Sloboda laid the foundation of prevention as well as for the other webinars. The panel discussion dived into practical experiences, challenges in the field, and answered questions from the audience.

Upcoming Webinars

More webinars are following! The next webinar, on Research and Policy of Prevention, is already taking place on September 21st, 2021. Here, our keynote speaker, Giovanna Campello (UNODC) will elaborate on prevention research influences global and national prevention policy. Our panellists, Brian Moralis (INL), Dr Goodman Sibeko (SAITTC), and Abel Basutu (African Union), will provide their experience on the national and regional levels and discuss future possibilities for prevention policies. Join us and register here!

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Summary Webinar I

Prevention is an important field and has seen a 30-year long revolution, but has only been integrated recently. It is gaining more momentum now but is still often neglected. More often than not, treatment receives most of the attention from policymakers and receives funds. However, prevention is significant and necessary in reducing demand and provide a safe developing environment for children and adolescents. To implement the strength of prevention, policymakers need to step onboard [through lobbying] and prevention workers need to be trained to become prevention specialists.

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