Statement by Gender Working Group for World Children’s Day

WFAD commemorates the two international days highlighting Children Rights: the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, on November 19th, and the World Children’s Day today, on November 20th. This day marks the 62nd and 32nd anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The latter convention was adopted by the United Nations and widely ratified by 196 countries. The CRC ensures the right to protection, safe development for children, children’s participation, while it being free from discrimination. The ratification of the CRC, mirroring the recognition to ensure children and adolescents that their human rights are met, leads to an obligation for states to incorporate these rights into their national policies and strategies. Out of the 54 articles in the Convention, Article 33 specifically emphasises the importance of protecting children from the illicit use, production, and trafficking of substances. Not only through prevention mechanisms but also by offering treatment for those having developed a substance dependency

it is crucial to adhere to the CRC by protecting the children from drug abuse and providing them with a safe development to adulthood. The CRC is a human right for the child that governments need to include and implement in their legislation. Children deserve to live a worry-free childhood and develop themselves into adults using their strengths, talents, and abilities. Let’s stop the generational cycle of [drug] abuse!

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